FIA approves sale of F1 to Liberty Media with takeover expected in March


    The FIA has endorsed the offer of Formula One’s business rights to Liberty Media. The American media association was before given the green light to finish its buy of the game at a meeting of its shareholders. The announced £6.4bn takeover has now been endorsed by F1’s overseeing body.3

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    Freedom’s takeover could now be finished by March. The buyout will see the private value firm CVC offer its 35.5% share of F1. Freedom Media as of now holds a 19.1% stake in the business.

    The American Chase Carey was declared a year ago as the game’s new director while Bernie Ecclestone, the 86-year-old who has ruled F1 for a long time, stayed as CEO.

    Under Liberty’s takeover Formula One could experience a huge facelift and the game is additionally confident of having a more noteworthy effect in America, a nation which it has so far attempted to break.

    The American representative John Malone, Liberty Media’s 75-year-old administrator, earned the moniker Darth Vader for his hard-line demeanor. He has developed a link media realm inside and a long ways past the US.

    Freedom possesses Virgin Media and furthermore has a substantial share of the Discovery Communications assemble, which has the Discovery Channel and Eurosport in its portfolio, and baseball’s Atlanta Braves.

    The new Formula One season gets going in Melbourne on 26 March.